Sunday, January 8, 2017

Some finishes

This is a a rather disorderly post about some projects I've finished at the end of 2016 and what I'm working on now in the beginning of 2017. Usually I'm posting about one subject. 
Because I was so busy I didn't have time to write about my crafts. 
So here you go...

I finished a cardigan for myself.
As you can see I chose for this moss-green color while it was autumn.
Yarn: Rennie supersoft shetland lambswool
Pattern: Marsa Alam by Isabell Kraemer

My son's girlfriend didn't have mittens knitted by me. So I had to do something about that :-) 
Yarn: drops Lima
Pattern: from the book I can't believe I'm knitting mittens  (love this book)

A baby boy was born in our street. I wanted to add a little gift to the postcard.
I knitted these wee socks and a sweet teeny tiny bunny.

yarn: drops alpaca 
pattern: Wee socks by JM Cobb (ravelry)

yarn: Holst garn supersoft.

And what I'm working on now? ... in the beginning of 2017.
I frogged a cowl I knitted years ago for my daughter. It was too wide. 
So I decided to knit it smaller. I love the yarn. It is Katia merino tweed. 

  My daughter with the cowl in 2013 (way too wide so she doesn't wear it a lot)

Actually I'm a quilter who is knitting.....

This is in my hoop right now. It's a quilt for a lovely little girl. I hope to finish it soon.


Barbara said...

I've been enjoying your blog for a very long time. Lovely projects always! What a cute guinea pig :)

Frog Quilter said...

I too enjoy your blog. More beautiful items as usual. Keep inspiring us, we love it!

Phyllis said...

All those lovely, beautiful projects, as a quilter I love the quilts, but all those woolen projects look so lovely and soft. And I adore that little bunny!

frameless mind said...

Altijd leuk om jouw projectjes voorbij te zien komen. De babysokjes en het piepkleine knuffeltje zijn zó lief!! Wat fijn voor de ouders om een kaartje met zo'n lieve persoonlijke toets in de brievenbus te vinden.

Nyla said...

You are so talented and sweet to make things for others! Lovely projects and post!

Connie said...

I enjoy seeing the photos of your creations, all of which are so wonderful. I'm also a quilter who knits but my skills are not as developed in knitting. I do hope to venture out a bit more in 2017 re knitting pattern reading so I can try new things. On the wish list is mittens and sweaters. Not sure I want to invest in learning to knit socks but that's a possibility. Regarding quilting I'm working on older projects that need to be completed and out of the way before I begin anything new. It all takes time but it's so fun to sew and knit! Happy new year to you!

Doniene said...

Absolutley wonderful!! I've decided I want to make a quilt like the goose tracks one! Love it! You were my inspiration to learn to knit, but alas knitting is on the back burner for now other projects are pressing!

Love and hugs from Texas!

Annelein said...

Just love the knitting...

quilting Jeannet said...

Geweldig je vest Lucy, ik vind het heel mooi geworden, en natuurlijk je handschoenen ook, ik kan ook bijna niet geloven dat ik handschoenen kan breien...toch het boek eens bekijken. En doorquilten, gewoon heel goed bezig!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

I am not a knitter, but I certainly admire your work. I do love what is in your hoop and look forward to seeing the finished quilt. I hope you get lots of quilting time in the new year.

Raewyn said...

Lots of beautiful gifts and projects Lucy :-)