Wednesday, November 18, 2015

'If it is too big cut it off'

After a lot of years it was time for a 'new bed'. We bought a second hand pinewood bed and thanks to my DH it looks like a new one. (He sawed off and added some wood. He painted the bed in a nice 30's yellow color)

 The only problem is that this bed is bigger as the other one.
It means that my quilts don't fit anymore.

I made this top and backing in 2008. I still love it and it is perfect for my new bed. 
So time to baste it. 

2008 is a long time ago....
When I layered the top I found out that the backing and batting were too small. (ooh and I just cut the batting down from a kingsize....)
Oops, what to do. 

1)  Buy a new king size batting and enlarge the backing.
2) Listen to Gwen Marston's --my idol--wise words: 'If it is too big cut it off'.

I cut it off.

 It's time to baste :-) 


Monday, November 2, 2015

10 years of blogging

Three quilt projects I want to finish soon. The yarn is from Kate Davies club. 

Today I it's my blogging anniversary. I blog for 10 years! How that can happen. 
 10 years I'm giving you a peek of my creativity and my life with pictures and a little text.
 I do remember the time I started blogging. I was a little naive, I thought that no one could find me. I liked to be in a small community of quilters. I never thought that I'd be still blogging after 10 years.
Through the years more women started a blog and I came in contact with women all over the world.
I made friends and I even still have contact with a few women from the first hour. No words can describe how precious these friends are to me.

In ten years I have two Quilting of the Past blogs. The first I closed a little while ago because I realized that there are 10 years of my life on the web. 10 years is a long time. Is that what I want?

I have (almost) done three challenges of 365 days pictures. I love this project so much. It is like a diary and it keeps my eye awake for photography moments. 

I will open all my blogs this month for public. You can find them in the tabs below the header.
 Maybe you like to look back for a moment. Next month I will close the older blogs. 

Through 10 years I've had lot's of moments that I doubt about blogging. So now and then I'm serious thinking to quit. It's a hate love affair. Because I'm not anonymous means that everyone can see what I'm doing and also where I've been etc. At this moment I'm more selective of what I share as in the beginning. 

My english is something I wish I could do so much better. I had help and a teacher for a few years. (Thank you so much Kathie)  You can notice that in my earlier posts. Right now I'm writing on my own feet. That means that it isn't perfect anymore. 

I know it is a 'beautiful life' I show you on my blog. Like a 'magazine'. That's ok to me. There are enough hard times these days and making up the world a little more beauty is like giving a little smile into this hard world.

I will thank you, my readers, I will thank you all who support me through the years.
 I will thank you who share a little of your life too, your blogs and creativity inspire me so much!
 I will thank the readers who left a comment. I appreciate every comment I've got! I read them all. I will thank the readers who took time to send me an email. Finding a comment or email in my mailbox make my day sing. 

Well, last week a friend told me about my blog this: 
It shares a little about your life but leaves a little mystery, too.


Today in the Dunes.