Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sewing scrappy triangles

Summer = Geraniums on my windowsill.

A little while ago I started sewing from my scrapbag.

I cut triangles and sew them random dark and light together. 

On my trip to Texas I was lucky to find two beautiful small yellow bowls.  I hope to have a nice collection some day :-)

Sometimes you find a fabric which you first don't like and years later it has become one of your favorites......... Do you recognize this?

Dust on my machine, from all sewing. Not that it is standing still. 

Ironing to the dark side. I bought this little travel- iron in 1996. The year I started quilting. 
I remember it was the cheapest version but I liked the tip of it so I bought it.
It is still working after so many years.  

My new rotary cutter. I can highly recommend it.  I don't know what it is but it cuts very light. Much lighter than the other regular yellow version of Olfa.

 Ta dah....a little basket with perfect squares of hst's

and 25 of them together make a nice block.

 I can tell you I enjoy my sewing moments very much :-)