Thursday, January 31, 2019


After hours and hours quilting...

I finally could say the quilting was done. 
and the only thing left to do was the binding.

And voila, here it is: 
My finished quilt, simply called: "De driehoekjes"

I even can't remember when I started this quilt.

I just sewed random light/dark triangles together from my scrap bag.
Not knowing what to do with them.

Until I found a fabric in my closet which was perfect for the sashings.

 Look at that little house.... a little gift when you take a closer look at the triangles.

Through the years it seemed like that this quilt was a never ending project.

  Until I shared this project with a dear friend I met by blogging.
She was inspired by it and started her own amazingly beautiful quilt with triangles too. 
From that point I was inspired by hers and I was eager to finish mine...
Sometimes other projects got more my attention and it was hard to keep up. 
And always she was there with her support. 
We sent photo's and encouraging words to each other.

And finally it is finished.
 She finished hers a few days ago.

and who is she?

She is : Liliane from Frameless Mind  (click)

She makes stunning quilts. Her blog is inspiring and a pleasure to read.
She has a great eye for photography.

 Thank you Liliane for your support to finish this quilt.
It became one of my favourite quilts. Not only because I like the result.

It is because of the messages we send each other, bonded by fabrics, needle and threads


Machine pieced, hand quilted
size: 218 x 218cm
batting: mountain mist request 
100% cotton