Friday, May 20, 2016

Texas in B&W

Texas in B&W.
We've been here a few weeks ago and drove trough Dallas, Austin and a lot of small villages with their nice looking 'main streets'. 

At the Ranch of Doniene and Mike. It was a highlight to visit them again. 

 I found some really nice treasures like this stitchery. It is made in the 30's in Free Stone TX, by the mom of the lady who sold me this. I love it and it has found a nice place in my sewing room. 

I had to bring this China Shepherdess home with me. It reminds me so much of the China Shepherdess in the books of The Little House by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  It was the only fancy thing from Laura's mom and Ma placed it carefully at the chimney shelf in every house they lived in.

Love these antique blocks. Yes I brought them home too. They inspire me :-)