Wednesday, March 29, 2017


For years I thought that I was a quilter.. ..
Then I started knitting. So I became a quilter who is knitting.... and now after a few crocheting 
projects, I think I can say that I'm a quilter who knits and crochets. (not to speak about cross-stitch, if only I had more time......)

On Instagram I came across a woman who crochets very sweet cuddles toys.  I was happy to see that she sells her patterns on Etsy. A few weeks ago I made this bunny.  
I couldn't resist to make another one. It's the same pattern only without a cap and I sewed down her ears. 

- The white bunny is crocheted with Scheepjes Softfun, a cotton/acryl blend.
- The beige bunny (actually I think she looks like a dog) is crocheted with Annell Malmedy, a 100%   superwash wool. The yarn is a bit thinner as the Scheepjes yarn., so this bunny/dog became a bit smaller.  I crocheted both with a 1,75mm hook. 

Only, look at their arms.. I think something went wrong with reading the pattern.

 Beside crafting I'm a bird lover.  This blue tit couple found their home in my garden. Yes! 

A few weeks ago I found this plant at a garden store.
 'String of Hearts', very popular in the 70's.
I searched for it for a long time.  

 Back to quilting.
Today the batting that I ordered came in. Quilter's Dream Cotton Request.
 Time to baste this top. Can't wait to finish it. 

I'm also ready for some mindless knitting, a take along project. 
That will be pink socks. Pink the color of blossoms.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Finished top

A folded finished top and some birds in the meadow.




Vlucht Kluten