Friday, December 9, 2016


My Dear Daughter 3 has loved hedgehogs for years and if possible she would love to have one for a pet. 
Unfortunately for her hedgehogs are not for keeping at home. We arranged a several attractive spots in our garden and since we live close to the woods we hope that one day a hedgehog like one of those spots to spend the winter time. 

As you notice before I have a new hobby. (ooh nooo.....)
Teddy bear making. 
Never knew it is so much fun. On etsy there are a lot of bear makers who sell patterns. I fell in love with this hedgehog . It would be a perfect gift for DD3.

Mostly I take pictures during the process. This time I was so busy that I didn't took pictures but I took little movies to show a friend. Maybe you like to see them too.


He became a bit bigger as I thought he would be. (especially his head)
But still very cute.

A happy gift for a happy girl.

After a long break I started a 365 days project again. 


Monday, December 5, 2016

Geocaching and Ducks II

October 30, 2015 I wrote about two ducks who went travelling to my friend Holly.
It was a miracle that the first one arrived.  Even more miraculous is that the second one arrived Holly as well.

It travelled 10939.5 miles! 
 It visited Austin Texas. I've been
 to a several times.  
Finally it is placed in Portland Oregon. A few years ago we visited Portland when we travelled through Oregon and Washington with an RV.
It's a miracle.
It is fun to read Holly's post about this traveling duck. (Click)

If you like to crochet this little duck you can find the pattern here. (click)
The pattern is easy and very clear written.