Monday, December 5, 2016

Geocaching and Ducks II

October 30, 2015 I wrote about two ducks who went travelling to my friend Holly.
It was a miracle that the first one arrived.  Even more miraculous is that the second one arrived Holly as well.

It travelled 10939.5 miles! 
 It visited Austin Texas. I've been
 to a several times.  
Finally it is placed in Portland Oregon. A few years ago we visited Portland when we travelled through Oregon and Washington with an RV.
It's a miracle.
It is fun to read Holly's post about this traveling duck. (Click)

If you like to crochet this little duck you can find the pattern here. (click)
The pattern is easy and very clear written.



Sherrill said...

Do you geocache? I've been geocaching for years and got my nephew hooked (although if he goes, it's with me as his mom's not impressed). I don't go as much since my hubby died 4 yrs ago but still try to grab one when visiting ports while cruising and if there's one nearby.

Phyllis said...

I read Holly's post as well as yours and this is such a special story..... about a very special pair of ducks!

{Geo}Holly said...

Oh, I so love this. I'm thrilled that you played along and it's fun that I have the ducks in hand. It's such a sweet, unique experience that I will treasure always.