Friday, December 9, 2016


My Dear Daughter 3 has loved hedgehogs for years and if possible she would love to have one for a pet. 
Unfortunately for her hedgehogs are not for keeping at home. We arranged a several attractive spots in our garden and since we live close to the woods we hope that one day a hedgehog like one of those spots to spend the winter time. 

As you notice before I have a new hobby. (ooh nooo.....)
Teddy bear making. 
Never knew it is so much fun. On etsy there are a lot of bear makers who sell patterns. I fell in love with this hedgehog . It would be a perfect gift for DD3.

Mostly I take pictures during the process. This time I was so busy that I didn't took pictures but I took little movies to show a friend. Maybe you like to see them too.


He became a bit bigger as I thought he would be. (especially his head)
But still very cute.

A happy gift for a happy girl.

After a long break I started a 365 days project again. 



Wendy Caton Reed said...

How sweet! We have porcupines here in the states and I did have one for a pet when I was young. He would come into our back yard by the pasture and eat apples and I would talk to him. My grandfather called them "quill pigs". Your rendition is absolutely adorable!

Phyllis said...

Adooooorable! So, so sweet! And I am so happy you are starting another 365 day adventure again! Am so looking forward to it!

frameless mind said...

Dag Lucy,
Wat een geweldig leuke post is dit geworden. Zó lief dat je de wens van je dochter op deze manier verwezenlijkt hebt. Wat een schattig egeltje is het geworden. Leuk dat je de filmpjes erbij gepost hebt. De foto's voor het boekje zijn zó lief. Het is gewoon een perfect plaatje!!
Heerlijk dat je weer een nieuw jaar begonnen bent. Ik heb je 365-dagen project gemist maar ik zie dat je weer helemaal terug bent met prachtige foto's.
En wat leuk dat je er op een feestelijke dag als vandaag terug mee begint.
Happy Birthday dear Lucy!!
Groetjes, Liliane

Breienmaar said...

Wat een schatje! Wat zal je dochter daar blij mee zijn! En je bent weer een foto jaar begonnen :) wat zal ik daar weer van genieten.!

Marie said...

How sweet is he?!! You are so talented.

Connie said...

My two younger granddaughters would LOVE this!

helen said...

This hedgehog is simply too cute!! So lovely! Congratulations!
Un hérisson adorable!
Every year I am also hoping that our garden will be a home for some hedgehog! :)
But, either I didn't see him/her yet (they are very discreet!) or there haven't been any yet...
I hope for your daughter that a hedgehog will find his way to your garden!
Thank you for starting a "365 days" again, Lucy! I really appreciate your pictures and am looking forward them!
I surely understand that it must not be evident to post/find a picture for every day in the year!
Sending you all my best wishes!

Soapstone Quilts said...

Just darling!!

leratdesfils said...

Trop mignon ! J'adore !
Bonne idée la vidéo :)

Raewyn said...

He is beautiful, I"m sure he is well loved!! I have a half made hedgehog in the cupboard - I must pull him out and finish him one day! It's nice to see you starting the 365 challenge photo again :-)

Roxanne said...

This hedgehog is so sweet--speaks to the heart--and will surely be adored by your daughter. In the Etsy pattern photos it showed a little hedgehog friend/toy for the bear and I wondered if that pattern is included. Your photo of him in front of the book with his sled is also a lovely composition. Look forward to your new photography!
Merry Christmas!

Madeline said...

I am soooo happy that you are starting another 365 days. I have missed you lots!

Evelyne said...

OOooohhhh wat een schatje! Je dochter zal er vast blij mee zijn!
Fijn een nieuwe reeks 365 dagen, wordt weer genieten!!

Fijne week Lucy.
Lieve groetjes,

Simona said...
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Simona said...

Thank you dear for sharing your work and my Hedgehog pattern :) You did a great job and your hedgehog is just wonderful :) Love it.

Ann at Prairie Primrose said...

That is so adorable! I've been enjoying your bears and this one is a treasure!