Sunday, June 28, 2015


A little impression of a walk from home to the beach. 

Back home I knitted a swatch of Holst Garn Coast. This yarn is so soft.  I will find out if it is working for a sweater I want to knit. 

Meanwhile I'm quilting on this quilt which I hope to finish coming week.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Knitted sweater

 A little while ago I was inspired by Tracey to knit a sweater for myself. The first for years.
 I knitted once a sweater when I was 16 (at that time was oversized fashion, so easy to knit something for myself, you took a big size and it always fits) After that I discovered sewing and I didn't knit for a longgggg time.

Back to this sweater.
I chose for Holst Garn Supersoft yarn.
I'm really fond of Shetland yarn after my experience with my fair isle cowl 
It's the feel, the smell, the sheep, the nature of shetland what I like.

I found a nice pattern at Ravelry.
So I started with knitting a gauge swatch in two color combinations.
I measured my body so I could choose the right size. (this time oversized isn't fashion :-/ )
In my opinion I did everything to make the sweater fit at the end.  I don't like the idea of knitting for weeks and the sweater won't fit at all (or if I don't like it) 

I started somewhere around May 14.

Two days ago.

Washed and blocked. For two days I didn't dare to try it on. I was so afraid it didn't fit or if it didn't suits me.....

Worried for nothing. 

I love it! 
I love the model with pleats at the front, the little shaping on the waist, the neckline, the yarn, the color and the lightweight.
I followed almost the complete pattern size M.
 I only makes it a little longer because I'm tall and I changed the neckline a little bit. 

color: Vintage Heather (blue), Pebble(grey)
Needlesize: 4mm
Inspiration for strips and color: Rililie