Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Another day with tiny pieces *bliss*

This morning I was early awake.

Another day with another possibilities.

 View from my sewing table. 

Hmm think I'm in a kind of 'color mood' lately, blue and mustard. Look at the background :-) 

At the left hand is a mini I already made a few years ago. At the right hand a new finished little tiny quilt....

for my little knitted bears.

An overview of my dressoir with bears and one of my Christmas trees with, yes, knitted Christmas balls from the book by Arne and Carlos  (< click, they are so fun)

Have a Wonderful Merry Christmas! 


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A tin with tiny squares

 Yesterday I found this little tin with little scrap squares in my closet. I played with them years ago. 
I feel like to make a mini quilt right now in between all christmas rush.  

 View to the left from my sewing table.

Years ago I made this one from the same tin.  

 I rarely quilt my quilts by machine. Well this time I did.

 and finished!


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Meet our farm animals ;-)

Those little mouths of these animals are sooooo cute. Look at them. 
Bambi's ears are placed in a funny way on her head compared to the others. That's why my daughter named her Bambi. (Bambi is most left)
Moppie, on the right, is the oldest. She is 6,7 years old. Bobo, the grey one, is maybe my favorite, she is always so interested in the world. Zusje (second left) is very sweet too and has a funny crest on her head.
Wish you could hear them, with their lovely sounds.
And my daughter (with special needs and autism)... well my daughter is the best 'guinea pig mom ' of the world!


Sunday, December 6, 2015

Little Bear

It was a pleasure to follow a 'bear making' class by Annemieke.

This is my result.