Monday, June 19, 2017

This and that

This post is a mix about everything.

A swatch I knitted last week for a cardigan I want to knit. 
It would be a lovely memory to Iceland.

My never ending love: Perlagoniums.

It's always a pleasure to quilt a part of the quilt with lovely fabric combinations.

Fresh picked flowers from the garden

 This is my youngest daughter. 
I'm trying to improve my photography skills. At this moment is my focus on people.
This picture is taken at noon. The light was harsh(photographers don't like this light).
 I put my daughter in the shade in front of a shed. The sun still caught her eyes. That was what I was looking for. Bright natural eyes and not photoshopped eyes. (thank to Cozy Clicks). I'm so happy with this result.

The weather is hot and dry these days.

My 4 children on our way to our boat for some refreshment.



Wendy Caton Reed said...

What a beautiful daughter you have! And I always admire your photographs. Thank you for sharing.

Phyllis said...

Mooie dochter! En mooie foto's, heerlijk altijd die kleurtjes bij jou. Van quilts, handewerkjes, bloemen, planten.

Barbara said...

What a wonderful post. Your daughter is beautiful and so is your photography! Love the quilt you're working on :)

Annemieke said...

Zeker mooie foto's geworden! En ben ook blij die quilt te zien.
Pfff ja warm hè?!

frameless mind said...

Wat laat je weer prachtige foto's zien Lucy!! Ik hou zo van die zachte en naturelle look van jouw foto's. De foto's van je prachtige dochter zijn schitterend! Je hebt de tips fantastisch weten toe te passen. Dankjewel voor de link.
Groetjes, Liliane

quilting Jeannet said...

Mooie sfeervolle foto,s Lucy, zoals ik van jou gewend ben, en ja, die warmte......tis me allemaal wat.Is je einband wel wat zachter geworden?

Robin said...

Pictures of your quilts always make me want to climb in the picture and start stitching. Part of that is because of the light. My sewing spaces seem to always be in the shadow. You have a lovely daughter. The flowers are so delicate and sweet.

Breienmaar said...

Mooie foto's warm en sfeervol! Je dochter staat er zo mooi op!