Friday, June 2, 2017

365 days......

On my 365 days blog you will read that I quit with this challenge. 
In that post I'm talking about what I've done the last few weeks. 
Let me show you some pictures:

Well, I read a book: Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi (it's very good)

I finished two shawls.

First my Ka'ana Shawlette by Jennifer Weissman
I saw it at the local yarn shop and I fell immediately in love.
I knitted it with Shetland Lambswool Rennie yarn (yarn held double)
It's a lovely, lovely fast knit.

The second finish is my Nordic wind shawl (pattern by cabin four) 
Yarn: Lettlopi, I recently bought on my trip to Iceland.

 I'm crocheting potholders (a perfect project to do in the sunny garden)
I will use up some cotton yarn I have in my stash.

and I'm working on my quilt which has a summer feel to it too :-) 

And I spotted a spoonbill (lepelaar), man what an ugly bird..



quilting Jeannet said...

Dus eigenlijk ben je gewoon heel goed bezig Lucy, heerlijk te zien, en je Nordic windshawl is erg mooi in zijn eenvoud, hier ligt de wol er voor klaar, als mijn breiarm een beetje over is.

Breienmaar said...

Gewoon lekker bezig dus. Ben benieuwd of je nog een andere challenge vind voor je foto's. Het boek wat je aan het lezen bent heb ik gereserveerd staan bij de bibliotheek, ben er ook erg benieuwd naar.

Phyllis said...

Prachtig die shawls en ik ben weer eens verliefd op je quilt. Ik vind die lepelaar enig! Wat een geestige vogel om te zien. Je beslissing over je 365 dagen is heel begrijpelijk. Gelukkig hebben je fans dit blog nog ;-)

frameless mind said...

Prachtige foto's van prachtige projecten!!Een feestje om naar te kijken!!

Karen said...

Such a pretty lacy edge on your knitted piece.

Anonymous said...

Hand quilting is always great.. and your sewing machine looks like it has had an eventful useful life. I looked up the info on mine yesterday.. a ZigZag 457.. made around 1969.. mostly metal.. made in Gt Britain.. and that model's color was changed to beige.. first time to change from black. Enjoying this blog...thanks.

Mariazalée said...

Tu vas me manquer sur 365 days, mais je comprends bien ta lassitude! J'aurai plaisir à te suivre sur ton blog! Très jolis châles! Belle semaine!

Connie said...

I love your shawls. They are one of my favorite things to knit, along with scarves, and I love wearing them.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

I don't knit so I especially appreciate fine work like yours. I adore your little 4-patch. It always amazes me how something so simple can give so much pleasure. it is beautiful. I am also amazed by nature. How can a Spoonbill get off the ground with that bill?

Robin said...

Oh, the gray shawl is so lovely. Maybe someday I'll get determined enough to see myself through a knitting project. For now, I'll just enjoy the applique. I like the red check sashing between your nine-patches. It has a casual homey feel.

Annemieke said...

Prachtig die sjaals! En je quilt is leuk, toevallig begon ik ook net aan waat 4 patch blokjes van mijn restjes (dat zijn er héél veel;)
Mooie foto's. Ik vind het geen leijke vogel, grappig is dat. Onhandig lijkt het mij wel zo'n snavel.

Eileen said...

Love your projects, the quilt is beautiful in it's simplicity and I think I will try the first shawl, (done in worse weight). I need projects to use up stash. Thanks Lucy, always a joy to read your beautiful blog.