Saturday, July 16, 2016

Shetland full Hansel Hap

 When I'm not quilting I am knitting.

A little while ago I bought a Crafty class by Gudrun Johnston.  She teaches how to knit an original Shetland Hap Shawl.  I love to follow Gudrun's lessons. They are so clear and helpful!

I'm knitting the full Hap with Jamieson's Spindrift. At this moment I'm knitting the edge. I hope to show you my finish soon.

And here is my latest find: A vintage cross-stitch table runner.  I wish I would know the woman who made it.
She was very talented with her needle and thread. 



lydmarc said...

Oh I saw that Hap shawl before (love my Craftsy classes) and was so tempted to take the class. It says the skill level is for beginners but I'm doubting my ability to pull it off. I always love seeing what comes off your needles. Your a natural at it! But embroidery is my thing and your right that little table runner is a beauty!

frameless mind said...

Wat ben je alweer ver deze nieuwe shawl. Met zo'n goeie instructies bij de hand zal het wel vlot vooruitgaan. Mooie kleurtjes heb je weer uitgekozen!
Zo'n vintage borduurwerkje doet mij ook altijd smelten. Je hebt het mooi vastgelegd zo met die tere bloemetjes erbij!!
Groetjes, Liliane

Connie said...

These are so pretty. I love knitting also.

Rose said...

Lovely. I am knitting the half Hansel from the Gudrun Craftsy class and am also working the edge. I have had to keep careful track of things with stitch markers and notes, but am not an experienced knitter and have managed fine. Worth it!

Marga (MarPie) said...

Ben heel benieuwd naar het resultaat, zal vast en zeker een beauty zijn.
Want ik moet zeggen breien gaat je heel maar dan ook heel goed af.
Inderdaad heel mooi borduurwerkje.


quilting Jeannet said...

Oh prachtig Lucy, ik denk zo vaak aan jou als ik aan het breien ben, het borduurwerkje is geweldig, en zeker met het vaasje lathyrus.

kiemo said...

Ah now this has been helpful. The question I have left on your Instagram may well be answered. I've never tried a crafty class but will now. I love the colours you have chooses for your shawl. Did you choose them because you wanted it to go with something specific or just because you liked them? It's s big decision !! Thanks morag