Friday, October 30, 2015

Geocaching and Ducks

Years ago Holly wrote on her blog about geocaching. It never left my mind. My daughter came up with this about a year ago. I talked about it with Holly and she came with the idea of sending a 'travel bug' to each other. She send me two from her place and I crocheted these ducks to send them to her. (Holly told me not to buy something expensive or very neat so I came up with these ducks) 
But, I have so many things I like to do and time flies. 
And these ducks kept staring at me from my dressoir all the time.........
They really wanted to travel the world.

Annemieke came with some help. She and her DH are very active geocachers. She helped me to find my first cache so I could send my ducks on their way to their new home. 

Their journey started in Cruquius. 

The pink one went to Katwijk and is now in someone's hand to travel to ??? I don't know yet. 
But the yellow duck is arrived in Oregon with some help from a friend!! Isn't that fantastic. It travelled 6256 miles, visited Nevada, Idaho to Oregon. 
Please read more about this at  Holly's blog. (click) She has a nice blog with amazing pictures of Oregon. 



Sherrill said...

I LOVE geocaching and have been doing it since 2008 or 2009 and am approaching 3,000 finds! It is so much fun and some of the caches are very well done. I also love finding bugs and moving them along (trying to get them far away from where I've found them). I've hidden many of my own. Your 'bugs' are very cute and maybe I'll find one of them someday!!

Phyllis said...

Geocaching sounds like fun, I know people who do this, also on holiday in other parts of the world, we just never seem to get around to doing it. I think we even have one or more hidden in our neighborhood. If you ever do this, I look forward to reading about your adventures!

frameless mind said...

In mijn familie is er ook iemand verslaafd aan geocaching. Ik heb al eens gesuggereerd om een dagje geocaching for dummies te organiseren. Wie weet krijg ik de smaak ook te pakken en ga ik jouw eendje zo eens ooit tegenkomen!!Leuk verhaal Lucy!!

{Geo}Holly said...

It was so much fun sharing this experience with you. I wish you could have been there when I opened the cache and looked for the duck. In the woods I whispered, "Lucy, I found it; it's here!" and spent a moment in silence because it was so awesome. I've never heard of a travel bug traveling so far in such a short time and actually reaching its destination before. Good friends and nice people helped to make it happen. This was special, Lucy. Thank you.

Annemieke said...

Beetje laat maar nou heb ik toch je leuke verhaaltje gelezen over de eendjes en het geocachen. Echt zo bijzonder van het eendje dat al zo snel bij Holly aankwam he?! Ik heb het ook nog nooit zo meegemaakt. Het commentaar van Holly is ook super leuk;)