Sunday, September 13, 2015

'Late summer' walk

We made a nice 'late summer' (or do I have to say early autumn) walk with all its beauty. The temperature was lovely, the smell is changing into autumn too. Over a few weeks the leaves will change color. At this moment everything is still green. 
At home a magazine was waiting for me to read and I'm working on my second sleeve of a new sweater with Jamieson's spindrift. The color is Storm. Perfect for this time of the year. 



Phyllis said...

Beautiful pictures.
Even though I am a spring and summer person I kind of like this time of the year too, I like the way it looks and feels outside, I like having the candles lit at home every evening again.
But what I do not like is getting up when it is still dark (oh, I love waking up when it is already light outside! It gives me energy) and what I really do not like is that this changing of the seasons reminds me fall and winter are on their way and with it the 'dark months', the cold and the bad weather.... :-(....

Christine said...

sounds like a perfect day! I can't wait to see more of your sweater :-)

{having my} druthers said...

you're on your second sleeve? seriously?!? i must be the world's slowest knitter! :P

Quilting Stories said...

What a lovely autumn post! Always wonderful pictures Lucy! The best day to knit... love the storm color.

Mirjam said...

Wandelen in deze tijd van het jaar is echt geweldig. Je krijgt nog geen koude handen en voeten en toch is de lucht vaak al lekker knisperend. Zeker met een zonnetje erbij is het dik genieten. En wij genieten even lekker me je mee. Heerlijk.
Fijn weekend,

livelymonkey said...

Reading you blog for first time! Wonderful.......beautiful everything! Question: Do you machine or hand quilt most of your quilts, especially the larger ones?
Mona in Florida