Sunday, July 12, 2015


DD3 with her new quilt. She just came home from a few days away and found it on her bed.

And what I'm doing since my quilt is finished. 
I ordered batting for the next quilt I want to baste 
and while waiting in I'm knitting my first socks. 



quiltsathome said...

What a lovely photograph of your daughter and your quilt !
Maybe you can enlarge this or print it.

Julimond said...

What a wonderful quilt for your daughter.
And knitting socks with such a wonderful yarn is really good, while you are waiting for batting materials.

Greetings from Germany
sorry for my "school-english"

jayne said...

Another beautiful quilt - you are such an inspiration!!! Thanks for sharing - its just that little bit of sunshine each time you post!

Atelier Blanc nord-ouest said...

What a beautiful quilt ♡!

Dora, the Quilter said...

Lovely quilt! (I just finished quilting a Drunkard's Path too.) Lovely sock yarn colors as well!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt for a lovely girl.

Robin said...

Oh Lucy, this quilt just makes me feel happy and content. You did a beautiful job with the fabrics! I love knitting socks in between projects; they look lovely.

Martine said...

Wat is hij mooi geworden. Ben ook helemaal weg van de kleuren.

NADINE said...

This quilt is sooo beautiful ! It has that special vintage look that I love... :))

May I ask which btting you are using for your quilts, Lucy ? THANKS for your answer.

In stitches,

NADINE said...

sorry for the typing mistake --> of course I meant "which BATTING..."


paulette said...

I LOVE this has that Vintage look about it!! Can you PLEASE tell me the name of the pattern? Thank you so much! (such a lovely photo of your daughter with her new quilt!!)

Evelyne said...

Wat een leuke foto van je blije dochter met haar mooie quilt.
Wat knap dat je sokken kunt breien, ik dacht dat je nog niet zolang breidde.
Dat het gebreide beertje je eerste breisel was. Dat heb ik zeker mis!


Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

It looks like she love it! The color palette of the knitting looks like the colors in the quilt. Such happy colors.

Unknown said...

That is such a pretty quilt, I bet she was so happy to get it! And I'm sure your socks will be fantastic, I haven't seen you make anything that wasn't wonderful! I love making socks, I hope you do too!

Doniene said...

Fantastic photo of DD3 and her quilt!!! Priceless!!

What pattern are you using for your socks? I'm making a pair of spiral tube socks, but the next ones I want to have a heal.

Blessings and hugs!

Phyllis said...

Such a wonderful surprise for her to come home to! It is such a pretty quilt, I love it. All those wonderful fabrics, all those lovely colors and the scrappy binding! So much inspiration, I love looking at this quilt.
Your knitting work seems to be in the same happy colors, right for this season (hopefully the sun comes back in a few days...).
Hope your daughter had a great time when she was away, we brought ours to the ferry to Terschelling yesterday for a camping week..... hopefully the sun comes back where she is too !

Unknown said...

Beautiful quilt for such a pretty young lady. Your quilts are charming and I always enjoy seeing your projects and pictures. Thank you for sharing. I am from Canada and I love feeling connected to quilters from other countries.

Penny said...

Such a special quilt. It's just beautiful. Your daughter will never get tired of looking at all the lovely fabrics in it. Well done. Greetings from Africa, Pennyxx

Crafts 'n' Skills said...

Such a lovely picture of your daughter!

Good luck with your first pair of socks. I just finished mine and have to say.. want to knit me some more! But couldn't have done it without the help of the book "Knitty Gritty - The next steps".. Happy knitting! ;o)

Quilting Moesje said...

Erg mooie kleuren en lapjes bij elkaar !

Mariazalée said...

Bon tricot! Moi aussi j'ai commencé des chaussettes!

ria vogelzang said...

Goed van je; sokken breien! Altijd een leuk werkje!
En wat leuk om te zien dat DD3 zo blij is met haar quilt; het is ook echt een plaatje!
Groetjes uit Ommen, Ria.

Marie said...

Beauties both.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy just looked at your blog for the first time, love the quilt you just completed, a memory quilt, I too love scrap quilts they are gorgeous.
The quilt looks lovely on the bed, your daughter must love it.
Thanks for your blog, I don't have one but so appreciate all the effort that bloggers put into sharing their lives.
I live in Brisbane Australia.

chroniquepatchwork said...

Hello Lucy,

I'm Natacha from France. A beautiful present for tour daughter!
I love tour blog and your photos too!


susan said...

Your daughter had to be absolutely thrilled with her quilt. It's as beautiful on the back as it is in the front. I love the yarn you're using on the socks - beautiful colors.

Quilting Stories said...

Congratulations Lucy on such a great achievement! This quilt is really wonderful ans such is your daughter!