Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dunes and fabrics

The weather was nice for a lovely bicycle ride through the dunes. 
I haven't seen these sheep for more than half a year because I cycle in this part of the dunes only in winter. I love to see them again. They look like if they come from an old painting.


The color of the "Duindoorn"(sea-buckthorn)  is awesome in this area. 


I'm trying to get my scraps organized. 
I was surprised to find a piece of this fabric. I thought I ran out of it. It is so cute :-)

'piece of fabric'



Phyllis said...

The dunes look beautiful and wasn't it just wonderful weather for a bike ride?
Looooove your scraps!

Karen said...

What a sight to see the sheep just out in the open. Such a nice photo.

Susan In Texas said...

What beautiful pictures! And I love going through my scraps too. So many reminders and surprises. I spent hours organizing my scraps this past year and it was time-consuming, but fun too. And I had so much! I went with the Bonnie Hunter method of organization. Now I feel as if I have wonderful quilt building blocks instead of just left-overs. lol

Take care,
Susan in Texas

Annemieke said...

Ik geniet hier weer van je foto's. Leuk zo je blog. Ik heb gelijk door je tabbladen 'gebladerd', handig alles bij elkaar. Je werkplek is een 'plaatje'. Nog best een klus om scraps te ordenen. Mijn dochter hielp mij toevallig vorige week hiermee. Ze quilt ook:) En dan het liefst met restjes stof, op haar eigen manier, alles zelf bedacht. Daar kan ik nog van leren. Alvast een goed 2014 gewenst!

ria vogelzang said...

Prachtig, die duinen! En die schaapjes...... alsof ze zo van een schilderij gelopen zijn!
Geniet van je heerlijke scraps. Blijft leuk, he, om steeds stofjes in handen te hebben van lang geleden.... "like meeting "old friends"... ;)
Groetjes uit Ommen, Ria.

Lori said...

The sheep do look so fluffy and yes, from a painting. Ah, scraps, how we love them so and often find little surprises in them.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I'm always so surprised to see anything that looks like a hill in photos of the Netherlands! Those sheep look great. And scraps are always fascinating!