Monday, August 5, 2019

Fresh off the needles

Fresh off the needles: a pair of old fashioned socks.
Who knew a pair of socks could make me so happy.

yarn: Botter IJsselmuiden/Olso
needle size: 3.5mm

I took the photo of the sheep at Fair Isle 


   A little female sparrow
Bretagne, France 

 Bunny tail grass
Bretagne, France 

Bretagne, France 


frameless mind said...

Stuk voor stuk pareltjes!!!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

You take such gorgeous photographs! I love the socks too.

Penny said...

Those very good socks make you want to put them on straight away!
That chilly little sparrow looks like she needs some too. Beautiful photos. Thank you. Penny

Triniki said...

So beautiful, Lucy...

Phyllis said...

Your pictures are beautiful... that little birdie <3!
Let's hope you do not need those socks for a while :-)

Rosabears said...

Beautiful pictures.
Love Bretagne.

Nyla said...

Lovely photos, yummy socks!

Diane said...

Lucy, Do you mind if I link to this post on my blog? I'll be talking about how people capture the essence of summer. Diane

Eileen said...

Lucy, I enjoy seeing all your photo's on Instagram, you are amazing behind that camera lens! Your socks are beautiful, some I would wear!!!!

Lily Allen said...

Lovely photos, yummy socks!Thanks for the share.
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Daniel Coper said...

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