Thursday, April 13, 2017

Inspired by an antique doll quilt.

Inspired by an antique doll quilt I found at pinterest,  I made this mini quilt. It is a gift for a special lady.


Wednesday, March 29, 2017


For years I thought that I was a quilter.. ..
Then I started knitting. So I became a quilter who is knitting.... and now after a few crocheting 
projects, I think I can say that I'm a quilter who knits and crochets. (not to speak about cross-stitch, if only I had more time......)

On Instagram I came across a woman who crochets very sweet cuddles toys.  I was happy to see that she sells her patterns on Etsy. A few weeks ago I made this bunny.  
I couldn't resist to make another one. It's the same pattern only without a cap and I sewed down her ears. 

- The white bunny is crocheted with Scheepjes Softfun, a cotton/acryl blend.
- The beige bunny (actually I think she looks like a dog) is crocheted with Annell Malmedy, a 100%   superwash wool. The yarn is a bit thinner as the Scheepjes yarn., so this bunny/dog became a bit smaller.  I crocheted both with a 1,75mm hook. 

Only, look at their arms.. I think something went wrong with reading the pattern.

 Beside crafting I'm a bird lover.  This blue tit couple found their home in my garden. Yes! 

A few weeks ago I found this plant at a garden store.
 'String of Hearts', very popular in the 70's.
I searched for it for a long time.  

 Back to quilting.
Today the batting that I ordered came in. Quilter's Dream Cotton Request.
 Time to baste this top. Can't wait to finish it. 

I'm also ready for some mindless knitting, a take along project. 
That will be pink socks. Pink the color of blossoms.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Finished top

A folded finished top and some birds in the meadow.




Vlucht Kluten



Friday, February 24, 2017

Tiny bear making

 Bear on the left is made by Corine and I made the bear with the bunny suit. This bear is about 10 cm/ 4 inch high. 

I've had a lovely day bear making with my friend Corine.
Thank you Annemieke for your lessons and your hospitality.


Friday, February 3, 2017

Finished present

In time I finished my present for a young lady who loves this quilt so much. 

 I made the girlie block years ago. It's a pattern from Karen, she was so kind to send it to me.  I made a few blocks and finally this girlie found her place in this quilt. 

I thought it would be nice to knit this bunny for the young lady.
It's a free pattern from Little cotton rabbits 
I knitted it with Rennie supersoft, (yarn held double)
Needle size 2,25mm.
Modification: I knitted it in the round So it doesn't have a seam on the back. 

Ohh my..... I never knew that you can play around with a few tiny stitches. 
I made a small wardrobe for her :-) 
And believe me I have plenty ideas for a lot of tiny dresses for tiny bunnies. 

A bunny without a quilt? Nope. So I made a quilt for her too. What's left is a little bed. 
I hope I can tickle the creativity of the young lady so she will make a little bed out of a box or something herself. 

Well time to wrap this present.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Some finishes

This is a a rather disorderly post about some projects I've finished at the end of 2016 and what I'm working on now in the beginning of 2017. Usually I'm posting about one subject. 
Because I was so busy I didn't have time to write about my crafts. 
So here you go...

I finished a cardigan for myself.
As you can see I chose for this moss-green color while it was autumn.
Yarn: Rennie supersoft shetland lambswool
Pattern: Marsa Alam by Isabell Kraemer

My son's girlfriend didn't have mittens knitted by me. So I had to do something about that :-) 
Yarn: drops Lima
Pattern: from the book I can't believe I'm knitting mittens  (love this book)

A baby boy was born in our street. I wanted to add a little gift to the postcard.
I knitted these wee socks and a sweet teeny tiny bunny.

yarn: drops alpaca 
pattern: Wee socks by JM Cobb (ravelry)

yarn: Holst garn supersoft.

And what I'm working on now? ... in the beginning of 2017.
I frogged a cowl I knitted years ago for my daughter. It was too wide. 
So I decided to knit it smaller. I love the yarn. It is Katia merino tweed. 

  My daughter with the cowl in 2013 (way too wide so she doesn't wear it a lot)

Actually I'm a quilter who is knitting.....

This is in my hoop right now. It's a quilt for a lovely little girl. I hope to finish it soon.