Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Friends and gifts

Two Instagram friends were so kind to send me "le petit Prince"  in their language to me.

Thank you Kristine for the librarian Norwegian edition
And Trini for the Galician edition

My sister in law bought the Turkish edition for me on her holliday.

I'm so happy with each one of them. 

Trini is very talented and she made an adorable pincushion for me.  I will use it next to my sewing machine. Thank you so much Trini for this special gift.

I knitted these bunny's in return as a gift. They are very addictive to knit. Especially the little dresses. The pattern is from Little cotton rabbits.
The only modification I made was to knit the body in the round. 

 These bunny's found a new home :-) 

and I should be working more on this one....  then I can say: 'It is finished'



Phyllis said...

Very special gifts, from all of you :-)

{Geo}Holly said...

Thoughtful gifts. How wonderful to have those translations.

Triniki said...

Ha sido un placer para mí, querida Lucy.
De nuevo, gracias por tus regalos, no puedo dejar de mirarlos, me encantan!
Un abrazo desde Galicia!

David said...

Love your photos and the atmosphere in them! Fabulous quilt!

liliane bral said...

Wat ontzettend leuk om met hulp van IG volgers je collectie boekjes te kunnen uitbreiden!
En wat maak je telkens mooie en originele cadeautjes als dank voor hen.
Hier is het nogal druk de laatste weken( kindjes oppassen-feestjes voorbereiden-renovatiewerken in huis). Niet bevorderlijk voor wat progressie aan de driehoekjesquilt (heb mijn aanwezigheid op IG momenteel afgebouwd en wil me voorlopig enkel op mijn blog concentreren.)
Jouw quilt ziet er prachtig uit!!
Groetjes, Liliane

Karen said...

Such tiny little bunnies. Very cute.

Shasta Matova said...

What lovely gifts to trade - books, pincushions, and sweet little bunnies! Pretty flowers!

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